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Tự Luyện thi ETS TOEIC – Test 3: Reading (Phần 1)

Part 5

Directions: Award or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.


  1. York Development Corporation marked the ………. of the Ford Road office complex with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

(A) opens

(B) opening

(C) opened

(D) openly

  1. Staff at the Bismarck Hotel were ………. helpful to us during our stay.

(A) quite

(B) enough

(C) far

(D) early

  1. Ms. Luo will explain some possible consequences of the ………. merger with the Wilson-Peek Corporation.

(A) proposed

(B) proposal

(C) proposition

(D) proposing

  1. The Springdale supermarket survey ………. will be released a week after they are evaluated.

(A) events

(B) stores

(C) results

(D) coupons

  1. The new printer operates more ………. than the previous model did.

(A) quickest

(B) quickness

(C) quick

(D) quickly

  1. Here at Vanguard Buying Club, ………. help members find quality merchandise at the lowest possible prices.

(A) us

(B) our

(C) we

(D) ourselves

  1. Management announced that all salespeople would be receiving a bonus this year, ………. in time for summer vacations.

(A) just

(B) as

(C) only

(D) by

  1. According to Florida Digital Designer Magazine, many graphic designers do not consider ………. to be traditional artists.

(A) it

(B) their

(C) themselves

(D) itself

  1. A wooden bridge crossing the wading pond ………. to the hotel’s nine-hole golf course.

(A) prepares

(B) Ieads

(C) presents

(D) takes

  1. A special sale on stationery ………. on the Write Things Web site yesterday.

(A) was announced

(B) announced

(C) was announcing

(D) to announce

  1. All produce transported by Gocargo Trucking is refrigerated ………. upon pickup to prevent spoilage.

(A) lately

(B) promptly

(C) potentially

(D) clearly

  1. The Ferrera Museum plans to exhibit a collection of Lucia Almeida’s most ………. sculptures.

(A) innovative

(B) innovation

(C) innovatively

(D) innovate

  1. The bank’s cashier windows are open daily from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 PM. ………. on Sundays.

(A) except

(B) until

(C) nor

(D) yet

  1. Inventory control and warehousing strategies ………. within the responsibilities of the supply chain manager.

(A) have

(B) cover

(C) mark

(D) fall

  1. Of all the truck models available today, it can be difficult to figure out ……….. would best suit your company’s needs.

(A) when

(B) why

(C) which

(D) where

  1. CEO Yoshiro Kasai has expressed complete faith in Fairway Maritime’s ……………..to deliver the product on time.

(A) belief

(B) measure

(C) problem

(D) ability

  1. At Derwin Securities, trainees alternate ………. attending information sessions and working closely with assigned mentors.

(A) along

(B) against

(C) between

(D) near

  1. Company Vice PresidentAstrid Barrettomhad no ………. to being considered for the position of CEO.

(A) objected

(B) objecting

(C) objects

(D) objection

  1. Belinda McKay fans who are ………. to the author’s formal writing style will be surprised by her latest biography.

(A) fortunate

(B) readable

(C) comparable

(D) accustomed

  1. The Southeast Asia Business Convention will feature ………. known and respected leaders from countries across the region.

(A) widen

(B) wider

(C) widely

(D) wide

  1. ………. the high cost of fuel, customers are buying smaller, more efficient cars.

(A) Together with

(B) Instead of

(C) As well as

(D) Because of

  1. Over the past ten years. Bellworth Medical Clinic …………. Atlan Protection officers for all security needs.

(A) is hiring

(B) were hiring

(C) has hired

(D) was hired

  1. The driver will make three ………. to deliver the package before it is returned to our warehouse.

(A) attempts

(B) pursuits

(C) aims

(D) experiences

  1. We congratulate all Riverside employees, whose ………. effort has resulted in a 20 percent reduction in waste disposal costs.

(A) collect

(B) collective

(C) collects

(D) collector

  1. Andrzej Ptak’s photography Web site will be available online ………. we have finished organizing and cataloging his work.

(A) how

(B) once

(C) so too

(D) not only

  1. The initial feedback from early buyers of the Sunbell XC2 mobile phone indicates that they found it ………. to use.

(A) conveniences

(B) conveniently

(C) convenience

(D) convenient

  1. ………. space in the bathroom was limited, the contractor managed to fit in two sinks and a shower.

(A) Both

(B) So that

(C) Whether

(D) Even though

  1. The staff must ………. as much market-research data as possible before planning the advertising campaign.

(A) equip

(B) compile

(C) endorse

(D) compose

  1. ………. a national holiday falls on a Thursday, the Barstow Company allows employees to take off Friday as well.

(A) Even

(B) For

(C) Nearly

(D) Whenever

  1. ………. materials for the advanced Farsi course include an audio CD and a DVD.

(A) Supplementary

(B) Consequential

(C) Persistent

(D) Cooperative

Part 6

Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.


Questions 131-134 refer to the following article.

(3 September)—Five years ago, Brian Trang signed a five-year lease to open his restaurant, Trang‘s Bistro, at 30 Luray Place. Mr. Trang admits that the first two years of operation were quite 131………. . “We offer spicy food from Vietnam‘s central region,” he explains. “We didn’t do well at first 132………. the cuisine is based on unfamiliar herbs and hot flavors. It took a while to catch on with customers.” But Mr. Trang was confident the food would gain in popularity, and he was correct. 133……….. . Mr. Trang has just signed another five-year lease. and he is planning 134………. the space next year.


(A) competitive

(B) potential

(C) challenging

(D) rewarding


(A) because

(B) unless

(C) despite

(D) besides


(A) Originally from Hue, Mr. Trang moved to London at age five with his family.

(B) Reservations at Trang’s Bistro must now be made a week in advance.

(C) This situation was not expected to last so long.

(D) The restaurant will relocate in March.


(A) renovate

(B) being renovated

(C) renovates

(D) to renovate


Questions 135-138 refer to the following excerpt from a manual.

This manual provides guidelines for inventory control at Malanta facilities. Our advanced manufacturing procedures depend on 135………. inventory control. Only by maintaining a precise flow of inventory 136………. minimize costs and ensure prompt shipments. To achieve this goal, we must avoid shortages. When stock is in the correct location at the time it is ordered, shipments are made at regular shipping costs and within estimated time frames. 137………… . Therefore, the procedures in this manual must always be faithfully.


(A) accurate

(B) seasonal

(C) expensive

(D) industrialized


(A) is able to

(B) to be able

(C) our ability to

(D) are we able to


(A) We have calculated the costs for you.

(B) Please allow at least two weeks for delivery.

(C) Unfortunately, some items are currently not in stock.

(D) However, this is not possible when unexpected shortages occur.


(A) implemented

(B) reproduced

(C) corrected

(D) recorded


Questions 139-142 refer to the following e—mail.


To: Alan Porto <aport0@silverwing.ky>
From: Tuchman’s Billing <billing@tuchmans.ky>
Subject: Autopay
Date: 19 February

Dear Mr. Porto:

Congratulations on your recent  139…………. in Tuchman’s Autopay system. Thank you for signing up for this convenient billing system. Your automatic payments will begin with the next billing cycle on
1 March. 140…………. . Your statements will come to you electronically and your payment will be
deducted from your designated bank account. You may 141…………. the account from which the funds
are withdrawn. Simply log in to the My Account section on our Web site https://www.tuchmans.ky,
select Autopay, and follow the instructions to enter the alternate account information. Please
contact customer service if you have 142…………. using Tuchman’s Autopay.

Tuchman’s Billing Department



(A) enroll

(B) enrolled

(C) enrolls

(D) enrollment


(A) Our billing clerks are happy to serve you.

(B) You will no longer receive a bill by post.

(C) We appreciate our loyal customers.

(D) Take advantage of our special offers.


(A) own

(B) settle

(C) open

(D) change


(A) any difficulties

(B) more difficult

(C) the difficulty

(D) too difficult


Questions 143-146 refer to the following letter.


12 December
Lenny Howe
222 Easton Boulevard
Port Douglas QLD 4877

Dear Mr. Howe,
The Irwin Neighbourhood Association is proud to 143……….. a summer event called Park Fest, to be
held at Fern Park on 10 January, from 1 PM. to 8 PM. Park Fest will feature numerous
family-friendly activities and a delicious picnic dinner to be served at 6 PM. A per person fee of
ten dollars will be collected. The proceeds will 144………..go towards a park enhancement project.
The plan is to hire a contractor to landscape the park grounds, while a smaller portion will be spent on an advertising campaign This event 145……….. to be great un 146………..


Faye Mason-Jones
Director, lnNin Neighbourhood Association



(A) announce

(B) admit

(C) recall

(D) state


(A) entirely

(B) often

(C) primarily

(D) together


(A) promise

(B) promises

(C) promising

(D) promised


(A) You can help by disposing of all rubbish.

(B) The park was established 75 years ago.

(C) We hope you will be able to attend.

(D) Fern Park attracts over 20,000 visitors a year.

Đáp án















































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