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Sách Luyện thi ETS TOEIC – Test 5: Reading (Phần 1)

Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below.  Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), (D) on your answer sheet.


  1. Ms. Tillinghast has received several awards …….. her innovative ideas.

(A) away

(B) for

(C) often

(D) across

  1. Using proper techniques to …….. items drastically reduces the risk of back injury.

(A) select

(B) lift

(C) damage

(D) attract

  1. Restaurants in Rondale must follow all …….. health guidelines.

(A) local

(B) locals

(C) locally

(D) localize

  1. Sinee’s Catering is always …….. to deliver outstanding food to your special events.

(A) ready

(B) skillful

(C) complete

(D) delicious

  1. A …….. way to support economic growth in Ludlow City is to shop at area businesses.

(A) practice

(B) practicing

(C) practical

(D) practically

  1. A record number of appliance …….. came into the Port of Reece last month.

(A) shipments

(B) shipping

(C) shipment

(D) shipped

  1. At Sloat Publishing, interns are assigned to a …….. of positions with increasing responsibility.

(A) frequency

(B) length

(C) shortage

(D) series

  1. The conference fee …….. admittance to more than twenty workshops and seminars.

(A) include

(B) includes

(C) is included

(D) including

  1. Cabinetmaker Finley Orcheta uses the finest woodworking machines imported …….. Denmark.

(A) from

(B) against

(C) about

(D) before

  1. Senior hotel manager salaries differ …….. by company, location. and experience.

(A) great

(B) greater

(C) greatly

(D) greatest

  1. Pantep, Inc., works …….. with customers to establish long-term partnerships.

(A) nearly

(B) closely

(C) recently

(D) newly

  1. Adalet Farm’s unique method of irrigating vegetables has proved to be …….. effective.

(A) far

(B) correctly

(C) highly

(D) much

  1. Customers who submit payments …….. March 10 will be charged a late fee.

(A) after

(B) behind

(C) quite

(D) almost

  1. The poll shows how often company executives make financial decisions that are …….. by employee opinions.

(A) acted

(B) trained

(C) reminded

(D) influenced

  1. Prices at Taylor City Books are …….. lower than at other online bookstores.

(A) more significant

(B) significant

(C) significance

(D) significantly

  1. The …….. of this workshop is to equip business leaders with the tools to make prudent financial decisions.

(A) guide

(B) experience

(C) aim

(D) solution

  1. A marketing campaign was designed to target …….. of the three demographics we identified.

(A) which

(B) other

(C) either

(D) each

  1. …….. food critics recommend ZJ’s Bistro as the best restaurant in the area, most local residents prefer Dree’s Cafe.

(A) Whenever

(B) Although

(C) 80 that

(D) Among

  1. Green Grocer customers should request assistance from staff instead of removing products from the top shelves …….. ,

(A) themselves

(B) their own

(C) them

(D) their

  1. Skovent Products‘ sales revenue showed a …….. improvement at the end of last quarter.

(A) respective

(B) crowded

(C) marked

(D) diverse

  1. Before work can begin at the construction site, the …….. permit applications must be processed.

(A) relevant

(B ) relevantly

(C )relevance

(D )relevancies

  1. During negotiations, Mr. DuPont insisted that price …….. be implemented without delay.

(A) expectations

(B ) institutions

(C) sensations

(D) reductions

  1. After the team meeting next week, Ms. Li …….. whether the project deadline needs to be changed.

(A ) to decide

(B) deciding

(C) will decide

(D) has decided

  1. …….. the proposal for the Southside Library garden was incomplete and had an unclear timetable, it was rejected.

(A) Until

(B) Because

(C ) While

(D ) Unless

  1. As the rental agreement with the Smith Group is set …….. soon, the available office space can be advertised.

(A) expired

(B) to expire

(C) will have expired

(D) expiring

  1. Any furniture purchased at Marty’s Superstore throughout February will be delivered …….. five business days.

(A) since

(B) between

(C) within

(D) above

  1. The manager presented data on employee performance with …….. on measurable achievements.

(A) emphatic

(B) emphasis

(C) emphasize

(D) emphasized

  1. Even employees who …….. were not familiar with the new software programhave found it easy to use.

(A) initially

(B) annually

(C) successfully

(D) inadvertently

  1. Supervisors will not …….. approve time off for employees during peak operational months.

(A) generalization

(B) generalize

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